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CrossFit Members From All Over Marquette Met at Blackfly CrossFit Today for CrossFit Open Workout Four

Blackfly CrossFit of Marquette.

Blackfly CrossFit of Marquette.

Marquette, MI  –  March 15, 2019  –  All around the world CrossFit members are training and preparing for the annual CrossFit Games. Since 2007 CrossFit has been holding this event to find the Fittest on Earth™. Today, CrossFit members from the Marquette area met at Blackfly CrossFit off Wright Street in Marquette to run workout four of the CrossFit Open.

The CrossFit Open is the first stage in the CrossFit Games composed of five different work out tests stretched out over five weeks. By performing in the CrossFit Open at a CrossFit affiliate like Blackfly, athletes have their scores validated and are put on the world wide leader board. The leader board offers a chance for people to see where they fall in their age group, state, and even occupation!

While the CrossFit Games are a very serious and strenuous test to find the Fittest on Earth™, the CrossFit Open qualifier gives the average person a chance to change up his or her work out and push their bodies. Instead of just doing a work out and training, the CrossFit Open gives members a time to put their training to the test! While checking out today’s workout – number four of the five, we spoke with Blackfly owner Dan Young to get more information. Young said, “Most of these people are competing against themselves. They want to improve over last year. We have people who have been doing this up to six years and we strongly encourage people to participate to see how they stack up each year.”

These athletes get to push themselves with each new workout.

These athletes get to push themselves with each new workout.

While the CrossFit Open gives members a goal to work toward, it’s also an opportunity for athletes to work with and meet other CrossFit members. Last week Blackfly meet up with Marquette CrossFit for workout three. It took the Blackfly members out of their element and off  the equipment they are used to, making it a whole new challenging experience. This week, Marquette CrossFit members met up at the Blackfly facility to take on workout four. During the workout everyone is extremely supportive cheering each other on and congratulating each other when the finished a rep. Next week the Blackfly crew will wrap up the CrossFit Open with the final workout.

If you’re looking for a class based workout location that is always changing it up and doing something different, take a look at Blackfly CrossFit. They break the “extreme Ninja Warrior” workout stereotype and offering a welcoming workout setting for people of all body types.

Call Daniel from Blackfly CrossFit at (906) 273-0150 or stop in to see the place for yourself at 1202 Wright Street Marquette! You can also learn more on the Blackfly CrossFit website.

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