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Bad Move, Deano

Now you see why the league and the other owners didn’t want Dean Spanos to the move the Chargers to Los Angeles, errrr, Carson. Obviously, we’re just two weeks into this, but those two weeks couldn’t have gone much worse, and from the looks of things, L.A. might not support two teams. Hell, from the looks of things, L.A. might not support one team.

Again, it’s just two weeks, but what a bad look it was to see USC load the Coliseum Saturday night, only to have the Rams come back and play before a half-empty stadium the next. That’s bad. But not nearly as bad as the Chargers being unable to sell out a 30,000 seat soccer stadium down the road the same day. Not only did they not sell it out, it fell like a road game for the Chargers and Dolphin fan practically outnumbered Charger fan.

Hell, the Chargers and Rams together didn’t outdraw USC the night before. That’s a bad look all the way around: for the Rams, Chargers and for the league. And most of all for Dean Spanos.

You know the league is thinking, hey Dean, that’s why we told you to stay in San Diego. The fans there love the team. The fans in L.A. aren’t asking for it, don’t want it, and unless you plan on going 14-2 every year, they probably won’t give a damn about you. And even if you do, they probably still won’t.

So the question is, is it just a bad start and or is it a really bad situation and an even worse decision? Obviously too soon to tell. And the league and the Rams and Chargers will have you believe that everything is going to be just fine once they moved into their digs in Inglewood. That’s fine. But that’s not until 2020. And if the Chargers can’t sell out a 30,000 seat soccer stadium, how the hell are they going to sell out a the stadium up the road?

Again, it’s just one home game; the Chargers and the league are obviously playing the long game, but the short one couldn’t look any worse than it does right now; and jilted, bitter Charger fan is loving it. And I can’t say that I blame him.

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