Marquette Highschool Hockey (4) vs Saginaw Hawks (3)

Marquette Hockey

Saginaw, MIDecember 1, 2023 – Today, our beloved Marquette Highschool Hockey Team embarked on an exciting journey to Saginaw, MI, to face off against the Saginaw Hawks at the Saginaw Bay Ice Arena. John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney live on call from the stadium on WFXD!

Period 1:

The first period kicked off with an outstanding performance by our goalkeeper, Cole Kelly, who made a crucial save, denying the Saginaw Hawks a goal. Shortly after, Caleb Beerman took center stage, scoring the first goal of the game with a remarkable play assisted by Moyer. The period concluded with another brilliant save by our goalie, Cole Kelly.

Period 2:

The momentum continued into the second period as Brody Lemur unleashed a powerful shot, redirected by Freeze, securing his first goal of the year. Marquette’s defenses proved impenetrable, maintaining a solid 2-0 lead over the Saginaw Hawks.

Period 3:

Saginaw managed to break through our defenses, narrowing the score to 2-1. However, Owen Turner from Saginaw pulled off a spectacular play, bringing the score to a tense 2-2. Tucker Welch, with a valiant effort and a rebound from Carter, equalized the game at 3-3. With only 5 minutes left, Hiekkila’s power play secured a crucial goal from 40 ft across the arena, resulting in a 4-3 victory for Marquette. The last moments of the game showcased a relentless tug of war for the puck, but Marquette’s unbreakable defense sealed their first win of the season!

Don’t miss the recorded broadcast for a post-game interview with the coach, providing insights into the thrilling victory and future strategies.

**Upcoming Game:**

Join us tomorrow at or on air WFXD 105.1 – 99.9 at 1:20 PM for the Elder Agency Pregame Show as Marquette takes on Midland in the next hockey spectacle. The puck drops at 2:00pm.




Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates as Marquette Hockey continues to conquer the ice!