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You’re Blowing It, AP

Adrian Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra is once again trying to get the Vikings to trade his star client saying, “I don’t think it’s in the best interests of Adrian Peterson to play for the Minnesota Vikings.” Yeah.

That was pretty clear when you reportedly tried to fight Vikings V.P. of Football Operations Rob Brzezinski at the combine, Ben.

One problem. You don’t have the hammer in your hand, the team does. What are you going to do? Advise your client to hold out? How bad of a look would that be after he missed nearly all of last season.

And exactly who do you think is going to trade for a 30 year old guy, with that contract, who missed nearly all of last season and was accused of child abuse and failed a court-mandated cheeba test. Certainly no one is going to give Minnesota anywhere near what they’re asking.

And let’s not confuse, not wanting to come back with not being in Peterson’s best interests. Fact is, it is in his best interest to return. They want him back; he has a good head coach, who he likes and who likes him. An excellent young q.b., and some other weapons offensively. Why wouldn’t you want to return? Because they didn’t have your back? They didn’t do anything to you, Adrian. You did this to your son. And they still want you back. They’ve turned the page. And you should too. It’s a no brainer. To everyone but you.

Go back. It’s far and away your best play. To borrow an old phrase from that franchise – you’re a programmatic fit. And you’re blowing it.

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