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Your World, Cardale Jones

As for Cardale Jones, I would say I’m going to option the rights to this dude’s biopic, but the whole flick would only be 5 minutes long.

December 6th he wins his first start 59-0. January 12th he wins the title game by 3 touchdowns. Rise to the top complete, roll credits.

I would say that someone should remind Cardale that he’s only played 12 quarters… and that he’s not supposed to be Ben Roethlisberger. But then, why bother, because he might just be.

Nick Saban has more national championships than Cardale has starts- he couldn’t break the dude. Oregon spied him all night – they couldn’t STOP the dude. And the only thing more hilarious than winning a national title in your 3rd college start… is deciding that it’s your last and jumping right to the NFL.

And after watching him last night- can you really tell him not to? So he had a bad fumble and a pick against the Ducks. So did Jameis Winston and he’ll probably go #1. And he doesn’t go 250. Nor does he have Jones’ rocket arm. Or his athleticism. And less we forget, Jones was the guy who once tweeted: “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL. We ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS.”

Of course, he did thumb out that beauty in 2012; maybe he’s changed his thinking on that. Or maybe he hasn’t and will let everyone know this week he is bouncing… Best part, Buckeye fan- if he stays you’re set at QB. If he leaves … you’re set at QB. Your world, CJ… but you sound and look like a dude who’d rather start playing on Sundays than continuing playing School.

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