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You Will Buy It

And then there’s the other part about this fight, the fact that everyone says they won’t buy it. Everyone who says they don’t want to shell out for a fight that has no chance of being competitive. Especially since the pay-per-view price will be pretty steep. No way I’m putting out that kind of money for a fight that’ll be like most of Floyd’s fights – him dancing around for 12 rounds and then raising his hand at the end. That makes sense. And it’s also total garbage. You’ll watch it.

You know you will. Everyone will. Because it’s the only thing people will be talking about the week before and the Monday after.

And the timing is perfect, right in August before football starts. In that dead zone after the Smack off and before kickoff. You aren’t going to miss it. Because deep down, there’s part of you that wonders, what will it look like, and what would it be like if Conor actually could do the one thing no on else was able to do: land that one big shot that puts Floyd to sleep?

Because as Dana White likes to say, when Conor hits people, they go down. And of the off chance that happens here, and Conor somehow miraculously shocks the world and beats Floyd… then look the hell out.

This cat really thinks he can win. And why the hell wouldn’t he. Fact is, even if he loses, he’s already won. The guy was a plumber’s apprentice just a few years ago, and now he sits atop the sporting world, in line for a $100 million dollar payday. And the fact that he talked his way into that payday is utterly brilliant.

And do you want to be the only one on the planet who misses it in the event Conor does shock the world. Hell no.

You’re watching it and you know you are. I am and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’m into it. Know exactly what you’re signing up for, then you can’t be disappointed.

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