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You Did This, Ray

Ray Rice has broken his silence telling NBC’s Matt Lauer than the presser he and his wife Janay held in May was a quote “horrendous mistake” but added, they were only doing what the Ravens told them to do. He said, “I made a tremendous mistake not apologizing to my wife.”

True. And even worse was Janay apologizing for (smashing her face into Ray’s fist).

But she says the Ravens quote “gave us a general script” going into the news conference. Of course. That’s what teams do. They try to cover for the player and themselves and just wait for everything to blow over. Except this time it didn’t. It blew up. And came back to bite them all in the back.

Oh, and Rice also told Lauer he never laid a finger on Janay prior to the elevator attack. I have no way of proving otherwise, but seeing how easily he let his hands go, and how barely flinched after they landed, I find that very hard to believe.

Just as I’m skeptical that Janay will go out and be the provider in the event Ray can’t find a job in football. What? Is football the only way this guy can put food on the table.? You put your family in this position, Ray, now go get a job and get them out of it.

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