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Worst Play Call Ever

I still don’t believe what I just saw. Super Bowl 49 is begging just ONE question: What the hell just happened? Because a day later Seahawks fans are badly hung over and I’m still confused.

Because I know saw Seattle on the Pats’ 1 yard line. And I saw them convert the requisite circus catch to beat New England. Just as I know Marshawn Lynch was ready to stomp them out. Then one of the strangest, most inexplicable things in Super Bowl history went down. A throw. And a pick. What in the world was this:

Seriously- that happened??!? HOW?? Can the NFL have Ted Wells launch a new investigation into how the Seattle Seahawks gave away their second title? Start by getting a statement from Richard Sherman. Because dude looked on the sideline like every Seahawk fan looked sitting on a bar stool: NOOOO!!! This isn’t armchair quarterbacking. This isn’t about hindsight being 20/20. This is about Beast Mode being 215. And the best running back in the game. And him being on the one yard line.

This is about giving that guy the ball three straight times, and the ‘Hawks being in the middle of a dynasty. But it didn’t happen because of the worst play call ever. Not the worst play call I’ve seen in the Super Bowl game. Or in the NFL overall. It’s the worst I’ve seen in a Football game, on any level. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worse decision in LIFE. Choosing lima beans over fries for your side dish, or lunching at work by microwaving fish can’t believe Pete Carroll had Russ Wilson chuck it into traffic… They were 3 feet from going back to back. Then in 3 seconds they were ON their backs.

The ultimate “player’s coach” just dropped the all-time “play-call choke.” And the guy whose mantra is “Win Forever” is going to have to wear that for life.

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