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Wisconsin v. Kentucky

And now we get the match-up we’ve all been talking about for months. Wisconsin v. Kentucky. You’ve all heard the rap: if anyone had a chance to wreck Kentucky’s perfect season, it’s Wisconsin.

It’s true, and based on what I saw from both teams this weekend, I feel even more strongly about it. I mean, Notre Dame had the Cats beaten. And it wasn’t a case where Notre Dame had its best night, Kentucky had its worst and the Irish had to shoot lights out to get it. Notre Dame made just 4 three’s and still had them beat. And they were able to attack the basket, something else that was supposedly impossible to do against Kentucky… Not only were they not intimidated, they went into that game fully expecting to win and nearly did. And Wisconsin will too.

And if Wisconsin plays as well and shoots it anywhere near as well as they did against Arizona, they’ll beat Kentucky. Sure, the Badgers were unconscious against Arizona, but that’s no fluke. And they did against a good team. There’s pretty much no one on Wisconsin that can’t shoot the heck out of it. And if you go to contest on the perimeter, some of those same sharpshooters will kill you in the lane.

The Cats better be taking a crash course in how to defend the pick and roll… And know that Notre Dame wasn’t their stiffest test, Wisconsin will be. I’m still riding with Kentucky, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Wisconsin were to beat them, and I won’t consider it an upset if they do.

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