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Winston Won’t Attend Draft

Come to find out, Jameis Winston will not attend next month’s NFL draft: may seem strange that the potential first pick overall will not be there, to roll up on stage and exchange bro hugs and fist bumps with the commissioner.

But his attorney David Cornwell says he will stay home and watch the draft with his family and share the excitement with them. Translation: staying home spares him and the league the embarrassment of being selected first and getting booed right off the stage. And giving the rest of us a highlight clip that will be shown in perpetuity. Most guys stay home because they’re not sure when they’ll hear their name get called. Winston knows when it will get called, he’s just not sure he’ll hear it above the boos.

Of course, those who are there to boo him, will do so whether he’s there or not, but at least they won’t be able to hit him between the eyes with it.

I don’t know if he reached that decision on his own or if the NFL did it for him; either way, it’s the right call. And leading up to the draft, the potential #1 pick is rating a perfect 158.3

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