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Willie McGinest

Info & Stats: Former NFL Linebacker and current NFL Network Analyst

All Topics: 2016 Season | Eagles and Cowboys winning with rookie quarterbacks | Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing six interceptions | Mike Zimmer’s job in Minnesota | Bill Belichick beating shutting Houston out with a third string quarterback | New England’s game plan vs. Buffalo | Thinks Jimmy Garoppolo will probably play against Buffalo | Playing for Belichick

Sept 26th 2016

Willie on the 3-0 Minnesota Vikings: “I’ve been on that purple bandwagon since the off-season.

Sept 26th 2014

All Topics: Meeting with Roger Goodell over the NFL’s personal conduct policy | Goodell was very attentive in the meeting | The NFL’s bad publicity lately | The disconnect between the younger players and the guys before them | The sacrifices older players made for the guys in today’s game | Roman Oben’s comments about young players wanting their money | Wanting to represent the NFL correctly | Sean Taylor’s Football Life | Taylor’s talent | So many people having respect for Taylor | Taylor’s background |

Willie on Sean Taylor: “I just knew he was going to be great.”

Willie McGinest

Jan 15th 2013

All Topics: Playoff time | AFC Championship Game | Brendon Ayanbadejo’s comments about the Patriots | Ayanbadejo on the Pats offense and spygate | Pats hurry up offense | Pats won’t get in a Twitter war with the Ravens | Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have a lot of respect for the Ravens | Belichick game week | Belichick’s preparation | This is an important game for the Patriots | The Giants out executing the Pats in their last two Super Bowls | The Denver Broncos taking a knee at the end of regulation | Colin Kaepernick adding a different dimension to the 49ers offense | Alex Smith |

Willie on what New England’s reaction will be to Baltimore’s Brendon Ayanbadejo tweets about the organization: “Man, we use those comments as bulletin board material.”

Willie McGinest

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