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Who Dey?

And how about the Bengals? Who dey? Seriously… Who were dey on the field in that game? Because they broke the Bengals code. Was the game in prime time? Check. Did it have any real stakes? Check. Was it against an opponent who actually matters? Check. Then how the hell did the Bengals win it? That team doesn’t win if even ONE of those boxes are checked.

Last night it was all 3… And it was all good for Cincy. Running game. Big play on D. Pacman hopped up on power pellets? It’s like I don’t even know these dudes anymore. And I still don’t trust them.

I’ve got nothing against the Bengals. In fact, I’m down. They’re a great Jungle team so there’s nothing I’d like more than to see them get in the postseason and finally do some damage. But until that happens, I can’t throw in with them completely.

Andy Dalton may have outplayed Peyton Manning last night, but he still needs to prove he can do it in the playoffs. And so does Marvin Lewis. They all do. And they know it. Big ups for nailing that regular season checklist. You played a big game and got over. But lose that first playoff game…again. And someone’s getting fired.

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