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What’s Your Deal?

Last week Jim Harbaugh claimed to have a recessive gene. This week he has a pathetic team.

What else are you supposed to call a 49ers team that just got clowned by the Raiders? And yes, they got clowned. Losing to a 1-11 team coming off a 52-0 hospital job is getting clowned. Letting Derek Carr drop a 140 rating on you is getting clowned. And allowing a house call to a 340 pounder is getting embarrassed.

The Khaki Assassin’s team is imploding. Super Bowl or bust? They’re not even going to make the playoffs? Best coach in the NFL? The Gobbler doesn’t even have the best team in the Bay Area. Colin Kaepernick is the quarterback of the future? One more week like that and the stands will be calling for Blaine Gabbert. And nobody in the black hole is begging for Harbaugh. And as for all this speculation that the Raiders are desperate to bring Harbaugh in? Why? Jimbo just got smacked by Tony Sparano. The Niners are going to trade him? Few more lie downs like that and they should FIRE him.

Don’t tell me he’s been bitten by injuries. Pat Willis and Nav Bowman are out. And that makes it okay to lose to Oakland? Great, you lost two of the best linebackers in the league. You should be able to beat Oakland with 9 guys on the field.

It begs the question Jimmy- WHAT’S YOUR DEAL? I’ll tell you your deal. Now you have to go to Seattle and battle your buddy Peter Carroll. Peter’s on fire. You’re a tire fire. And I have a feeling Pete’s gonna have a recessive gene to mercy. Gobble on that.

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