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We’ve Gone Full Circle

So Rams-Cards wasn’t an instant classic. Big deal. What do you want to watch instead on a Thursday Night- The Biggest Loser? If you’re griping and tweeting about a one score NFL game with playoff implications- You ARE the biggest loser.

And you debbie downers would tune into Titans-Jaguars any night of the week if you could, and you know it. Arizona 12. St. Louis 6.

It was two of the best defenses in the league popping the pads. What did you THINK was going to happen- they were going to combine to hang a hundred? I predicted exactly THIS.

We’ve gone full circle with the Thursday Night crybabies: In the first month they all screamed about too much scoring. In the 15th week we’re hearing there wasn’t enough. Unfortunately for The Cards- they’re going to be hearing that for the next month. Drew Stanton goes down with a knee injury… In comes some guy named Ryan Lindley… Or Brian Lindsey…. Or something. Whoever he is, he’s now the #1 option for the #1 team in the NFC.

I know we’ll see a response from that D. I know Bruce Arians probably still thinks they can win a Super Bowl. I just have no idea how they’re going to score points. I’m not going to shovel dirt on the Cardinals. Because I already did when Carson Palmer went down. I don’t care that Arizona didn’t put up a bunch of fireworks for my entertainment in the Thursday Nighter. But unless they can find a way to score an actual touchdown in the first round… They’re one and doners.

Come January, That D’s gonna have to put up two pick sixes and a scoop and score….or they’re dead. And that little known streak of home teams never hosting the Big game has never been safer.

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