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Westbrook’s Dent

Can’t believe I’ve gotten this far into the show without address the most pressing issue in the NBA: That massive dent in Russell Westbrook’s face. OKC lost in Portland friday night, Westbrook took a knee to the face, and it’s like his cheek was made of clay. Russ- What up?!? Somebody forgot to fix their divet, that’s what’s up. Dude you could eat Wheaties out of that thing.

I’ve waxed metaphorically over the years about losing players getting their faces caved in….Westbrook actually had it happen. Literally.. His face is like hollywood handprints in front of the Chinese Theater. Remember when Hasim Rahman grew a second head? This is like Russ is sprouting a second mouth. He had to sit out yesterday against the Lakers because he had surgery to repair a fracture in his “zygomatic arch.” And it looks like somebody pressed the “Pop-o-matic Bubble” into his cheekbone. Or took a hammer to his face. Best part is – the dude got to this feet right after it happened and if it was playoff time, he’d be playing through it. Warrior.

Except for one thing, Russ…- have you seen the standings? IT IS Playoff time, player. You might have to get out there with that crater. And it’s a great look. I know you dig the fashion world. I know you love tortoise shell glasses and tin foil shirts. But I’m telling you- your coolest look of all is still playing hoop after you got shot with a cueball. I love your game, but it’s like they say – Fashion is pain.

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