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We’re On To Deflate Gate

NOOOOOOT so fast there, William. Because I’ve only got one thing to say: We’re on to DEFLATE GATE. Like the Pats were going to lay that kind of beat-down on someone in the title game and NOT be accused of cheating Well, they were.

The Patriots are reportedly being investigated by the NFL for deflating some of the game-balls: And why would you do that? Because it makes it easier to catch and throw the ball. Especially in the elements.

And If they did it, it’s going to cost them draft picks. And even worse, it loads the gun for – every mouth-breathing, rim shotter and radio caller looking to “bring the funny’ with their “Belicheat” and “Cheatriot” resets.

Look, if somebody on the staff really did resort to cheap parlor tricks like mushing up the footballs to give Brady some kind of advantage… they should be punished. That’s some low-level Lane Kiffin garbage. Don’t get me wrong…even if they did do it, that’s not the reason they won the game. The Colts got absolutely jacked by the Pats. Just like they do every time they play them.

Deflate Gate, if true, still, had nothing to do with the outcome of that game. Still even the mere accusation is a terrible look for New England. And even worse, that they allegedly did it in a game where they didn’t need it. Innocent until proven guilty. Unless you’re the Pats who already have a history of looking for edges you’re not allowed to have.

The best way to convince people your rings aren’t tainted and that you don’t cheat, is to stop cheating. And if, in fact, they did this, what else are they doing that we don’t know about? It’s not the reason they won this game, but there’s no way the Hoodian Empire gets the benefit of the doubt.

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