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Walk Away, Thomas

It says here, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin deserves a dignified ending. And he’ll get it. If he quits. Otherwise he’s going to get whacked.

Look, I’m not here to get anyone fired; much less a guy with a pair of rings who will probably end up with a yellow blazer. But he can’t stay.

Not when the Giants have lost 7 in a row. And not when they just choked away a 21 point lead to one win Jacksonville. I’m not saying it’s all his fault. Far from it. I’m saying those dogs won’t hunt, they’re no longer responding to Coughlin and he has no shot at getting it turned around.

I know Coughlin doesn’t have it in him to walk away from a challenge; I just hope he remembers when the going gets tough, the tough quit. Or at least he should in this case.

That way he can go straight to Canton with his dignity intact. Because this team needs a new leader and if he makes them fire him, they will.

A man who who has won Super Bowls should not be losing to the Baguars. Walk away, Thomas. And don’t look back.

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