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Very Subtle, AP

Adrian Peterson’s days in Minnesota might be over. He turns 32 next month. He has an 18 MILLION DOLLAR CAP NUMBER for next season, a number that’s almost 10 MILLION DOLLARS more than the second highest paid running back.

And while the Vikings are saying all the right things about wanting to keep the franchise’s best running back in Purple and sign him to a new deal, while negotiations press on — AP took to the Twitter machine to get some rumors swirling:

“The Giants been making some interesting moves.”

Very subtle, AP.

See what he did there? AP noticed that the GIANTS just released Rashad Jennings. That the G-Men have one of the league’s worst running games and a depth chart with just Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen on it. That New York has some cap room and a need and might be interested in a certain future Hall of Famer with something to prove.

Like the guy leering across the bar, beer bottle just inches from his mouth saying JUST loud enough for one too many people to hear, “Becky’s looking good. She been working out?”

I see you working, Adrian. Again. Because this is the most Adrian Peterson tweet ever. A less than subtle observation that lands like a cinder block. Page 1 of the same playbook Peterson and his agent Ben Dogra were following TWO off-seasons ago when AP was trying to get traded to the Cowboys.

Well that didn’t work. Just like thumbing out this tweet won’t work. Because as long as you’re owed 18 million for this season — your trade value is only slightly higher than Brock Osweiler’s. And until the Vikings decide if they want to pay you the $6 million roster bonus they owe you in March, you’re stuck in a conversation that probably sounds a lot like this:

Adrian, what do you think you’re worth next year?

$18 million.

UH… We’ll get back to you.

I’m NEVER going to side with an NFL team about a contract. Not when they can rip them up. Not when they aren’t guaranteed. But the Vikings have paid Adrian Peterson a ridiculous amount of money the last few years to play football, and got ONE game from him in 2014 and just THREE games from him last year — while Peterson cashed monster check after monster check. So can you blame the Vikings for looking at that 18 million dollar number and saying, OH HELL NO.

Now AP says he doesn’t want to negotiate. That he EARNED that contract. But what’s the other option — getting cut and hoping a team like the Giants or Bucs pay him some insane jack?

There’s NO team that values Peterson more than Minnesota. They’ve proven that over the past few years. So while AP is out there surveying his options and throwing seductive looks at every eligible club in the room — the best option for him is still in Minnesota, the same place he’s spent the last 10 years.

The grass ain’t always greener.

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