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Vandy Meltdown

It’s crazy to think that arguably the dumbest play of yesterday’s opening round came in the game between the two smartest schools. Vandy. Northwestern. Two schools that are hard to get into with a finish that was even harder to watch.

Fisher-Davis said he thought Vandy was down 1, not up 1 and that when his coach Bryce Drew was telling him to pick up Bryant McIntosh, he was telling him to foul him, which is what he did. An honest mistake. It happens.

You just hope it doesn’t happen in a NCAA tournament game with the entire world watching. And if you’re going to go braindead and intentionally foul a guy, with a lead, it better not be an 86% free throw shooter like McIntosh.

Of course, he knocked in both free throws. And Fisher-Davis is going to have to wear that for the rest of his life, which is a huge drag: he scored 20+, was this close to winning a game that he’ll remember for the rest of his life, only to meltdown and have a moment that neither he nor their fans will ever forget.

And as you’d expect, twitter rushed to anoint him the new Chris Webber. You remember Webber calling a timeout he didn’t have in the National Title game in 93:

This isn’t that. A first round game between an 8 and a 9 is not Webber going braindead in the National Title game. Pretty much nothing is. Global warming… Kristie Alley…. errr, uhhhh TIMEOUT! Fisher-Davis not knowing the score in a tournament game and not understanding his coach in a critical moment is bad, but not Webber timeout bad.

But like Webber, this is going to stick to Fisher-Davis forever. And not because it was the biggest mistake ever, but because every Northwestern honk in the sports media isn’t going to shut up about it until the end of time. This was their Chicago Cubs moment. The day the curse died. Now they can die happily.

And they’ll tell their kids, who will tell their kids who will tell their kids, where they were and what was going through their head, when an opponent went brain dead and they won their first NCAA tournament game ever.

I know, Northwestern alum, I know, I know. You’ve been terrible for years. No, decades. No, lifetimes. You’re going to enjoy it. Good. Go ahead. Just don’t go looking to dye the Chicago River purple; and schedule any victory parades to celebrate this one. Hell, the Cubs winning the World Series has nothing on Northwestern being handed a first round NCAA tournament game on a silver platter, to those folks.

But I’m not here to kill your buzz. In fact, now that you shocked the world with that incredible first round win, over a 9 seed, I’ll go ahead and quote a former Mr. Basketball in Illinois and tell you, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

You think these folks are insufferable now. Wait and see how it is if they somehow are able to beat Gonzaga. Thankfully, that will never happen. But it for some reason it did, you may as well just prepare for them to win it all, because you know their fans will act like they just did. They are already are after having a win over a 9 giftwrapped for them.

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