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Up high, Cavs fans!

Up high, Cavs fans! Huge night in C-Town with San Antonio in the house.

This one was supposed to be a barometer, a measuring stick for where you were. And considering the Spurs have not been playing that well and just did you in your house, you’d think you’d still have a long way to go. Not according to LeBron. In fact, he’d tell you that loss was a reason to party: “This is a game that I’m happy about. ..I hate to lose, but I’m happy about the progress we made… When you give yourself an opportunity to win, that’s all you can ask for.”

Well, they could actually ask you one more thing: they can ask you NOT to dribble if off your knee in the closing seconds when you have a chance to tie or win the game. I know the Cavs weren’t asking for that.

The faceplant needs the Fail Horn. Can somebody delete the Pharell from Bron’s iPod. He’s had enough. No need to point at yourself, King. We know that one’s on you.

Happy??? Hope you saved some space on your mantle for that participation trophy. And I don’t care if the Cavs Voltron is still assembling… Or if the Spurs have been assembled for like 40 years… With Cleveland’s talent they can ask for a lot more than just a shot to win.

Like… Maybe that their best player doesn’t commit 5 turnovers, shoot 6-17, get to the stripe ONE time and get shackled by Kawhi Leonard.

Bron’s gone from telling Cavs fans to relax, to sounding like he’s on meds. Those people didn’t celebrate in the streets and camp outside your house last summer… Because you could keep it close and give the Spurs a scare.

If LBJ even brings his B Game… Cleveland wins that game. I get it – “it’s a process.. It’s a process… It’s a process” Just don’t try to sell to C-Town that that process is about happy losses. Kobe snapped that he was “Festively Jovial” – but LeBron actually is.

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