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Torrey Smith

Info & Stats: Baltimore Ravens Wideout

All Topics: Radio Row | Super Bowl ring | Torrey Jr. winning the Gerber Spokesbaby Contest | Donating Jr.’s money that he won from the contest to a charity | New England Patriots and Deflatgate | His tweet | Watching the Super Bowl | Having friends on other teams | Super Bowl XLIX | Likes Seattle | Steve Smith | Loves Smith | Doesn’t think Smith’s lost a step | Free agency | Likes it in Baltimore | Will play football next year | Going back to school | Life after football |

Jan 29th 2015

Torrey on Steve Smith: “I don’t think he’s lost a step.”

  • Torrey Smith
  • Jan 29th 2015

Aug 9th 2013

All Topics: First preseason game last night | Playing someone else was nice | Short off-season | Down time | His body being sore this off-season | Winning a Super Bowl in his second season in the league | A lot of great players haven’t won a Super Bowl | Losing a lot of key players from last season’s team | Business side of the game | The team trading Anquan Boldin | Dennis Pitta injury | Not changing his game | Joe Flacco signing a big contract | Same ol Joe | Ray Lewis | Terrell Suggs is defiantly the most vocal leader now | Plenty of leaders |

Torrey on winning the Super Bowl: “A lot of great players haven’t had that opportunity.”

  • Torrey Smith
  • Aug 9th 2013

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