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Too Much For Suh

Ndamukong Suh has said he wants to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. The Detroit Lions have said he may have to do it on somebody else’s dime. The Lions chose not to tag him today, and that means Mr. Suh will see what other teams have to offer. And really, it’s not a matter of “What” they can offer- but how much. For the Lions- they weren’t going to offer almost 27mill, because that’s what hitting him with a franchise tag would have cost them.

It’s a tough day for Detroit. It’s a tough call. But I think they made the right call. Suh is great. He may have just had his best year.. And the Lions Run D was dominant. But that kind of paycheck is paralyzing. I don’t care how dominant Suh is, you can’t pay a D-Tackle that much money to make a few plays and occupy blockers. If somebody’s biting 27mill out of your cap… he either has to terrorize the quarterback… or BE the quarterback. In other words, their name has to be Watt or Rodgers. Both those guys are better players than Suh. Neither one of them is making that much cash next year.

And to any Lions fans wondering why you let Suh walk away after your guys got to the playoffs – it’s so you can stay in the playoffs. If you can sign 3-4 good players for the cost of 1 great player, you do it. Especially when that great player can be schemed out of the game, and when that same player can’t go 5 minutes without stomping somebody. He’s an awesome player, he’s a scary dude, but it looks Suh’s choosing cash green over Honolulu Blue.

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