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Tommy’s Having The Time Of His Life

For a guy who’s square in the middle of the worst week of his career, Tom Brady sure acts like he’s having the time of his life.

The day after the Wells Report painted him as a cheater, Tommy suited up and choppered in to a speaking engagement in the middle of Massachusetts. And you would have thought he was hanging off a duck boat at a Pats Super Bowl rally. This pack of chowds cheered him, boo’d Deflate Gate, and were foaming at the mouth the whole time he was on stage.

Forget Deflation. This looked like One Direction. Dude could have said he’s been cheating for years, and admit he helped Aaron Hernandez hide the gun… And that place would have eaten out of his hand with everything he had to say. Which- as it turns out- was jack squat.

He was in standard Tom Brady twinkle-eyed deflection mode. Lot of good ol boy chuckles. Lot of cheesy little jokes. Guarantee he was rocking some whitening strips on the ride in, just so he could flash those chiclets at the ladies in the front row. I’m surprised he didn’t give out boxes of Uggs to everyone in attendance. Because he didn’t give anything else, other than a the flimsy little excuse that he couldn’t comment on the Wells Report, because it had only been out for 30 hours.

Hey Dreamboat- your owner, your agent, and your old man were spitting fire after 30 seconds. Haven’t read it? Here’s the cliff’s notes, Michigan Man: It’s pretty clear that there was something shady going on and that you knew about it. Period. End of story. What’s your reaction? “I don’t really have any reaction.”

You don’t really have a reaction? Do you have a PULSE? Because if it was me, and I didn’t do anything shady – I’d be really angry. I’d come with a lot more than a laugh and the old “let the rabid drunken audience answer for me” move.

Ted Wells says Tommy was “generally aware” of the deflation. Tom Brady acts like he’s “barely aware” of Ted Wells. If you have nothing to hide, come out and sing about it.

4 months ago Brady said he would never break the rules, last night he BS’d a lot like a guy who had.

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