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Tom Verducci

Info & Stats: SI Senior Sportswriter and Fox Sports Analyst

All Topics: World Series: KC vs. NY Mets | Game 1 of the World Series was an absolute classic | Edinson Volquez’s father passing away | Volquez not knowing about his father while pitching | Not sure exactly when Volquez found out about his father | Huge for KC to get that Game 1 win | Mets starting pitchers pitching more than they ever have is important | Mets having a two run lead in the 6th | Carlton Fisk story | Fisk’s home run changing television and sports | Technical difficulties last night

Oct 28th 2015

Tom on Game 1 of the 2015 World Series: “Absolute Classic.”

  • Tom Verducci
  • Oct 28th 2015

Feb 5th 2013

All Topics: His article on Alex Rodriguez and Tony Bosch | Explains who Tony Bosch is | PED’s | A former employee of Bosch’s clinic taking notebooks on players alledgedly using PED’s | Alex Rodriguez alleged involvement with the clinic | A-Rod could be tied to 19 substances | A-Rod’s regiment | How legitimate are the documents? | Melky Cabrera’s fake website | A-Rod feeling like there is a conspiracy to end his career | Why isn’t Alex out in front of this? | Why would Alex use PED’s again? | Insecurity | MLB trying to clean up the sport | USADA | These notebooks could help drug testers | A-Rod’s world | Rodriguez talking with Katie Couric | Bosch isn’t even a doctor | Bosch’s father being connected to Manny Ramirez’s drug use | Lance Armstrong | Doesn’t agree with the Bosch clinic being the East Coast BALCO | BALCO was very sophisticated |

Tom on what Alex Rodriguez allegedly bought from a Florida wellness clinic: “Well, according to these documents he is tied to as many drugs and supplements I’ve ever seen one person tied to.”

  • Tom Verducci
  • Feb 5th 2013

Dec 14, 2010:

On the 2010 Free Agent market: “The Red Sox got better and the Yankees missed out on the one guy they really wanted.”

  • Tom Verducci
  • Dec 14, 2010 Interview

Jun 29, 2010:

Topics: 2010 MLB Season | Carlos Zambrano placed on the restricted list | Zambrano will not be back before All-Star break | Zambrano will be in the bullpen when he returns | Trading stomach aches for headaches | Zambrano going to dinner with Ozzie Guillen | Robinson Cano | Cano goes from good to great player | Cano one of the 10 best players in the game | Pitch counts | Matt Kemp | BJ Upton | Upton incident | Evan Longoria did the right thing | Upton may need a change of scenery

  • Tom Verducci
  • Jun 29, 2010 Interview

Jan 12, 2010:

Topics: Riveting interview Mark McGwire did with Bob Costas | What Mark McGwire may be suffering over to be so emotional about it | How his interview and admission came across | If he was admitting his career was a sham or not | Pure definition of cheating | Why he may have made the decision now | Motivation for his decision to finally come clean | Should just come out and own it | McGwire in front of Congress | Reaction to McGwire outside of St. Louis | Possible to expect more admissions or not | Voting for the Hall of Fame implications.

  • Tom Verducci
  • Jan 12, 2010 Interview

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