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Tom Izzo

Info & Stats: Michigan State Head Coach

All Topics: The passing of his mentor Jud Heathcote | Remember the good stories of Jud | Trying so hard for Heathcote to hire him at Michigan State | Why he wanted to work for Heathcote so bad | Heathcote turned him down three times | Rocky start with Heathcote | Jud was a coaches coach |

Aug 31st 2017

Michigan State Head Coach talks about the passing of his mentor, Jud Heathcote.

All Topics: 2016-17 hasn’t been easy | Bizarre injuries | Big win over Wisconsin on Senior Night | Eron Harris | Getting Harris on the court Senior Day | 2016-17 Season struggles | Early season fly schedule | Great appreciation for what John Calipari does each year | Calling other coaches for advice | Magic Johnson | Enjoys successful people |

Feb 28th 2017

Tom on Eron Harris: “Lived the game.”

Sept 14th 2016

All Topics: Being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame | Fellow inductees | Special weekend | First job at Michigan State | Jud Heathcote | Working under Heathcote | His parents | Lessons learned from his father | Basement reunions | Time to get to work

Tom on being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame: “It’s very humbling.”

Jan 26th 2016

All Topics: Win over Maryland | Matt Costello hug | Losing two games to Iowa | Adjusting to refs this season | Struggling with touch fouls | Denzel Valentine | Seeing old faces | Bringing back former alumni | Draymond Green | Learned Green was a winner in college | Green’s 3.1 million dollar donation to the school | Green being a regular guy | Green is tough guy | His father’s passing |

Tom on Draymond Green: “He is a tough son of a gun.”

Apr 1st 2015

All Topics: Final Four | 7th Final Four for him as head coach | This particular team | Early season struggles | Getting tougher | Travis Trice’s play | Shabazz Napier last season | Trice not being highly recruited | Duke | Quinn Cook’s play | Justise Winslow | How to play Jahlil Okafor | Him vs. Coach K | His current roster | McDonald’s All-Americans | His Spartans team last season was more talented |

Tom on Justise Winslow: “He’s been the hot item in the tournament.”

Tom Izzo

Feb 19th 2015

All Topics: 2014-15 Season | Injuries | Rivalry games | Michigan | John Beilein doing an excellent job at Michigan | Changing starting lineups | His bench now | Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame | Problems with college basketball | Dean Smith

Tom on being elected into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame: “Coaches get their because of their players performances.”

Tom Izzo

Nov 7th 2013

All Topics: Playing No. 1 Kentucky | Good for them to play the best like Kentucky | The difficulty of scouting Kentucky | Needing to pull some high school tape on the Kentucky freshman | History of Michigan State point guards | Keith Appling’s improvement | Gary Harris is special | Harris playing both ends of the court | Lack of leadership last season | Committee of leaders this year | Miami Dolphins bullying situation | Toughening players up | Pulse | A 300 pound man bullied | The Dolphins situation is confusing | Standing up for yourself | Looking the bully in the eye

Tom on if he’s ever asked one of his players to toughen up another teammate: “I think I probably have.”

Tom Izzo

Apr 5th 2013

All Topics: Hanging out at the Final Four | Mike Rice at Rutgers | Rice was basically shooting a dunk shot from the free throw line | Can’t lose your kids’ respect | Michigan vs. Syracuse | Syracuse 2-3 zone | The guys in the Syracuse zone being so long | Michael Carter-Williams size | Trey Burke | Jim Boeheim doing a great job | Boeheim still getting it done | Boeheim being able to change | Rick Pitino | Pitino’s vs. Boeheim’s style | John Beilein | Systems come down to great players | Beilein doing a great job with Burke | John Calipari | Calipari bouncing back next year |

Izzo on Mike Rice’s actions at Rutgers: “Yeah he was shooting a dunk shot from the free throw line.”

Tom Izzo

All Topics: Michigan on Sunday | Getting near March | Big 10 being so tough this year | Their schedule | So many good teams in the Big 10 | Little concerned about getting beat down | Hoping the kids will rise to the occasion | Young team | Losing Draymond Green | Team peaking | Leaders on his team? | Players personalities | Panic around town | Fans | Making a run in March | Having an inside outside game | The social media world | Players dealing with social media |

Feb 28th 2013

Tom on if there’s panic around campus right now: “Yeah.”

Tom Izzo

Mar 21, 2012:

Tom on having his voice at this time of the year: “Draymond Green takes some of the pressure off me.”

Tom Izzo

Nov 10, 2011:

Tom on our military: “It’s the greatest team in the world.”

Tom Izzo

Feb 24, 2011:

Tom’s thoughts on the NBA possibly turning into a couple super teams: “Not sure it’s a good thing for the league.”

Tom Izzo

Mar 24, 2010:

Topics: Looking back on Friday’s game | End of the game against Maryland | Korie Lucious ice-cold shot | Losing their key player to injury | Team rallying around loss or boomerang the other way? | Not getting as much as they need | Concerns with Northern Iowa | Ali’s knockout blow | Big 10 teams reaction.

Tom Izzo

Jun 17, 2010:

Topics: Staying at Michigan State | Cleveland Cavaliers | Consulting former players about going to the NBA | Magic Johnson | Magic said take a good look, you deserve it | 27 years at Michigan State | Dan Gilbert | LeBron James | LeBron’s status | LeBron’s camp | Not sure what James will do | Believes in Dan Gilbert | 6 Final Fours in 12 years | Academic standards | The hat’s you wear in college is difficult | NBA, you can never say never | College coaches in the NBA | Coaching is coaching | Doc Rivers |

Tom Izzo

Jan 29, 2010:

Topics: Feeling like a long time ago since a championship win | In conference performance; “fool’s gold” | Schedule setup and reaction | Knowing what he has with the group | Win over Michigan | Uproar over the school’s new proposed logo | Tradition and respect for the program vs. new ideas | New logo better or worse? | Expectations with Kalin Lucas | Telling players not to come to practice | Media reaction to the incident.

Tom Izzo

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