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Tom Crean on Jim Harbaugh: ‘He absolutely loves Michigan’

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean believes brother in law Jim Harbaugh’s move to Michigan from the NFL game was for a combination of reasons, most namely the families deep ties to the University.

“I do think he absolutely loves Michigan,” Crean told The Jim Rome Show. “Joani and I got married in Ann Arbor, it’s always been special to them and I think because of Jack coaching there as he did, the way they grew up there and the fact that he played for Bo Schembechler and to just understand that tradition as well as anybody, I think it meant a lot to him to go back there.”

Crean says Jim Harbaugh doesn’t necessarily favor the college game over the NFL.

“Jim’s a football coach, Jim was unbelievable happy being the coach at San Diego, Jim just loves football,” Crean said. “This was a guy who when he was with the Raiders he was spending 3 to 4 nights a week on some air mattress in the film room as some quality control offensive assistant on the team, working with Marc Trestman, when Marc was there, he loves coaching.”

The 48-year old Crean says no matter where Jim’s at, he’s going to be successful.

“I think he knows he’s a very good coach. I think he knows he’s capable of a lot,” said Crean. “It’s hard to imagine that anybody’s more competitive at more things than he is as a human being, and so he loves it. But we’re talking about a guy who won 70 percent of his games in the NFL in four years, he can do it anywhere.”

  • Tom Crean
  • Jan 23rd 2015

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