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Tim Brown

Info & Stats: Hall of Fame Wideout

All Topics: Being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame | Being prepared for the Pro Football Hall of Fame announcement | It being difficult to get in the Hall as a wideout | What the Pro Football Hall of Fame means to him | August speech | Going into the Hall as a Raiders | Ron Wolf | Al Davis | His relationship with Davis | Having a six hour conversation with Davis at one time | Him having a problem with how Davis was towards Art Shell and Marcus Allen | Junior Seau | Loved Seau but hated playing against him | His quarterback during his career | Being a safety blanket for his quarterbacks |

Feb 5th 2015

Tim on being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: “It’s still sinking in.”

  • Tim Brown
  • Feb 5th 2015

Feb 03, 2011:

Tim on what it would be like to make the Hall of Fame this weekend while the Super Bowl is in his hometown: “It would be so special for me to go in when it’s in Dallas, even more than last year.”

  • Tim Brown
  • Feb 03, 2011 Interview

Feb 03, 2010:

Topics: His day on the road so far | Number of interviews done | Chances of entering the hall this year | In or not in? | Everybody nervous, hoping their names get called | Playing for the Raiders when Al Davis was a force | Why Al let go of his best player? | JaMarcus Russell; things not working out for him | Russell not there mentally | Team asking for Brown’s input on Russell | Franchise struggles for the Raidres | Does Al want a strong coach? | Al hiring people he likes | Work with Cold Stone Ice Cream Cookies | Kyle Brandt’s favorite cookie.

  • Tim Brown
  • Feb 03, 2010 Interview

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