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Thursday Night Football

Cowboys-Bears on the box – who ya got? Normally if it’s December, America’s Team is asphyxiating and circling the drain on its way to 8-8. And despite looking so good just weeks ago, it looks as if they’re headed in that direction once again.

They’ve lost 3 of 5. Philly just ripped out their spine. DeMarco Murray’s gets stuffed. Tony Romo’s getting punked. And Dez Bryant screaming like he’s on bath salts on the sideline. Then why is it alllll good? Because THESE dopes are arriving JUST in time!

All the Cowboys want for Christmas is Smokin’ Jay Cutler on the schedule. And they got ‘em.

The Bears are home dogs, and I bet the Boys have home field advantage in Chicago tonight. DeMarco said this week he gets fired up hearing boos on the road. You won’t be hearing any tonight, D. Not until #6 throws his first pick.

Cowboys’ fans can’t fill their own house, but they’ll invade everybody else’s. And at this point, I’m not sure Bears fans won’t be rooting against the Bears tonight. Check your typical Ditka-quoting, Butkus-worshipping, Lou-Malnati’s-grubbing South Sider in the Soldier Field stands tonight – and he’ll have the same body language as Cutty. Bitter. Broken. And F-bombing the world.

This terrible team has driven the fanbase to the self-loathing point of just saying “Screw it. I hate this team. I HOPE they lose!” And they will. I don’t even think Dallas is very good right now. But I know Chicago is awful.

The Bears D will giftwrap Big D that 9th winning they’ve been chasing for years, and Jay Cutler will make sure the Cowboys cover.

Boys 30. Bears. 17.

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