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There’s Not Bad NFL

We’ve all heard that BS about – There’s no such thing as Bad Pizza or Bad Sex. Anybody who believes that has never had much of either.

But we’re going to find out in a few hours if there’s such thing as Bad NFL. And I’m calling my shot- there’s not.

To the question of why would the Shield schedule Titans v. Jags for the Final Thursday nighter? Why does anyone schedule anything? Because they know you’ll watch it. And don’t disrespect me by lying and saying you won’t. You will. It’s the end of the year. You’re fat, you’ll decided you’ll get in shape January 1st. You’ve been hemorrhaging money buying presents. So what do you do? Order up a pie and get down before they kick.

See, the great thing about this country is… You can wager money on professional football! It’s not about Chad Henne v Chuck Whitehurst, it’s about Over vs. Under. And with those two- it’s under all night long. Of course these teams aren’t making the playoffs. But you’re chasing parlays. And prop bets. Look for one about the male-to-female ratio that shows up in that Baguars swimming pool. If they offer 5-1, JUMP ON IT.

Normally on these nights – you just make it about fantasy. But nobody’s starting Henne. Not even the troll in last place who starts the worse lineup possible just to middle finger the world. Shoot the Jags might not even start him and Blake Bortles can barely walk.

The smartest thing for the Titans to do is lay down and suck for the duck. But they won’t. So lay action and make a few bucks.

They may not combine to score 10 points, but go ahead and get paid, and I’ll take my standard 10 percent.

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