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THEE Ohio State University

THEE baddest team in THEE United States is…. Say it with me… THEE Ohio State University. It’s true what they say: the Oregon Ducks are a Ferrari. And in the title game… That Ferrari skidded off the road, onto the tracks and into a bullet train. So many games are won in the film room. This game was won in the weight room.

296 yards on the ground for the Buckeyes and it felt like Ezekiel Elliott ripped off 500.

Oregon runs teams right out of the building with the most sophisticated attack on the planet, Ohio State just beat them down with the same two punches: Zeke dusted them, Cardale Jones trucked them.

The Buckeyes offense had the Ducks so far back on their heels – that 7 yard runs felt like wins for the D. And exactly which team was supposed to be faster and more relentless? Because Urb Meyer’s guys weren’t just step for step with the ‘offense of the future’ – they were setting the pace. Like standing at the line saying – get up here and run your play.

I’ve never been more impressed with Ohio State. Especially after Oregon scored in less than 3 minutes and this thing looked like it could be a laugher. And it was. For Ohio State.

The Buckeyes didn’t trip. They turned their rings around. Their fans have had to hear for 12 years that their last title has an asterisk because of the referee’s flag and Willis McGahee ‘s knee. Not this one. Beatdown city. The Buckeyes run the country.

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