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The Wrath Of Greg Little

Normally, billing Browns v. Bengals as “The Battle for Ohio” is pretty lame.

The Browns are usually so bad, it has all the stakes of Ohio State v. Akron. But this year… These teams are a combined 10-5, they’ve both won two in a row, and at least one Bengal is already looking to GO.

Terrible news for the Browns… You’re about to feel the wrath of Greg Little. Whoever that is.

Little was released by the Browns, picked up by the Bengals, and he’s talking like he’s in an 80s action flick. “Everything about this game is personal for me. They said I wasn’t good enough to play on their team. And that’s about all else I’ll need. … Somebody has to pay.”

AWESOME! Hey Greg, are they gonna have to pay… IN BLOOD???!? That’s the kind of thing you say… Right before you drop your lighter on a gasoline trail and walk away in slo motion as it explodes behind you. But like all those movies… The script is terrible.

Greg… Guess why the Browns said you weren’t good enough to play on their team? Because you weren’t. Even with Josh Gordon suspended. You have the highest drop rate in the NFL.

The shock isn’t that Cleveland cut you. It’s that Cincy signed you. You’ve been targeted 7 times this season. You’ve dropped 2! Somebody has to pay? Just be happy anyone’s paying you anything! Guy acts like he’s Joe Montana returning to Frisco or Peyton Manning playing Indy in the house he built.

I love a little action hero in the NFL… But Greg Little pretending he’s about to wreck shop is more embarrassing then Steve Seagal trying to squeeze into his Kimono. I’d say the Bengals will be motivated by Little running his mouth…. But I guarantee they don’t even remember him.

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