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The World Champs Are Back

The World Champs are back. And so is the 12th Man. If you can’t stand the self-glossed best fans in sports, then take an early vacay, stay inside and stay off Twitter. Because after watching Seattle embarrasses Arizona last night, Seahawk fan is looking to ruin everybody’s holiday.

The 12 Days of Christmas thinks the The 12th Man never shuts up. And right now they have no reason to. 11 Pipers Piping. 10 Lord a leapin’. And 1 Beast a beastin’.

Think the so-called 12th Bag enjoyed that much? And to think that human rhino missed the first quarter with an upset stomach?? Strange that a dude who lives on Skittles and Wild Cherry Pepsi alone would have a tummy ache.

Asked about that TD run, Marshawn spit fire. “Thanks for asking.”

And thanks for playing, NFC. If Seattle takes care of business in Week 17 and rips home field, forget canceling Christmas. You can cancel the whole conference.

I’m not impressed because the LOB held Ryan Lindley to 6 points. But the league should be terrified Russ Wilson did the Cards D for 35. They’re peaking at the perfect time. Peter Carroll’s gonna break his jaw if he chomps that juicy fruit any harder. And if Russ is gonna throw for 300-plus, it’s time to call the statue maker. You know the Seahawks; they’ve got him on Speed dial. I don’t care if it’s Green Bay, Dallas or Detroit…. I don’t see anybody going into that Den and doing the Beast and The Bag.

Thanks for asking. And Thanks for coming.

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