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The Streak Is Over

Get up Golden State. The Warriors just won the division and have everybody going to google. Have the dubs seriously not won the Pacific since the mid-70s?? says yes.

Even wiki got it right. Run TMC never won that thing, for about a decade there in the 2000s they never even sniffed that thing, and this streak is older than Steph Curry. Shoot, it’s older than Dre Iguodala! And it’s over. Golden State 122. Portland 108.

The last time they won the division, your old man was setting up in front of that console TV with the bunny ears antenna, watching Rick Barry ball with Butch Beard and flipping over to Starsky & Hutch. Steph and Klay got Oak-town its first division crown since Captain & Tennille were wearing the FM radio crown.

To put it in the parlance of your region, NorCal – this one was hella overdue. And I’ll tell you what’s hella over – the MVP race. You can call it the best race in years. I don’t care. I’m just calling it. Winner- Steph Curry, but way of judge’s decision.

Don’t try to tell me that Steph just got way ahead of the pack, and he’s clinging on while Beastbrook and the Beard run him down. He’s running his eyeballs out. 33 and 10 last night. That’s not gassing out. That’s cooking with gasoline.

Harden and Russ have put teams on their backs after guys have gone down… Steph’s just done it wire to wire. Any other year those guys win it. This year Curry won’t lose it.

Best player on the best team and the best shooter the planet has ever seen? MVP = Man’s Game Curry.

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