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The Star Of The NFL Playoffs

We’re down to the Shield’s Final Four, and it’s official: The Star of the NFL playoffs is Dean Blandino.

We’re not supposed to know a referee’s name, but the head of officiating has become a HOUSEHOLD name. Rodgers. Manning. Brady. Blandino. Just ask Dallas.

One week after Blandino’s guys wiped away their own flag to give Dallas life, they ripped Dez Bryant’s catch and Mean Dean says they got this one right.

What’s everybody crying about? Sure, it was a freakish, potentially, season-saving catch from the best athlete on the field. But, it was also an open-shut violation of Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3. Item 1. Don’t hate the ref, hate the rule.

Study that rule before you act a fool. In other words, good call, bad rule. Check that, terrible rule.

Remember a time when catching a football wasn’t about “the nose of the ball,” “the progression of the catch” and “making a football move?” I do. It was way better. And it didn’t result in internet riots and Dez running onto the field without his bucket for the second week in a row.

Except this time I can’t really blame him. He made the catch. He came down. He reached for the goal line. The ball moved, so the Cowboys lost. And so did pretty much everyone watching. Then again, last week the Cowboys were on the right end of a terrible call, while yesterday they were on the wrong end of a terrible rule. So what goes around, comes around.

And as far as the rule goes, it should be changed. Right now. Before this weekend’s title games. I’ll even write a new one for you. Call it Rule 1. Section 1. Article 1. Item 1. If a player catches the ball, it’s a catch. There. You’re all set. And you’re welcome.

Hope we don’t see you again Sunday, Mean Dean, but I’m sure we will.

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