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The Shackles Are Off The Trojans

Signing Day is behind us. The recruits have put on their lids. The faxes are out of toner. And the recruiting class rankings look retro. Because USC is way up at the top. Alabama- of course. Florida State- no doubt. Two juggernauts the world just watched in the first playoff. But SC? The team that was just in the Holiday Bowl? The team that whacked their head coach on a bus less than 2 years ago? The program that boasted about a kid saving his nephew just a few months ago? You know it.

Hope everybody in the Pac12 enjoyed that free ride and a few laughs, because the shackles are off the Trojans and SC has returned to the main stage. This is their first full recruiting class since 2011, it might be the best in the country, and you know who’s NOT surprised by it? The guy who pulled it off. Preach ‘Sark. “Everything we thought could occur… Happened exactly the way we thought it could happen.”

Steve Sarkisian’s like… What? Like that was supposed to be hard? You know who the hell we are? I think a lot of people just forgot Coach. That’ll happen when the Trojans get housed in The Sun Bowl and aren’t even the best team in their own city. You know SC rediscovered some swagger when they lost Snoop’s son and it didn’t even matter. Cordell Broadus took his talents to the Bruins? We’ll take four 5-star guys and see you next November in the Coliseum. SC’s is full of game breakers. Wideouts. Corners. They’re fast. They’re bad. They’re back.

Sark says the future’s “ridiculously bright.” This class says he’s right. To borrow a phrase from Broadus’s pops: Ain’t nothing by an SC thing, baby

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