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The SEC Needs To Own It

Another day and another SEC coach is dishing out hot takes. This time it’s Auburn’s Gus Malzahn. He thinks he knows why the SEC didn’t win a game in the College Football Playoff last season. He told ESPN he thinks the SEC is at a disadvantage in the Playoff because of the strength of the league. He says other teams are fresher for the playoff as a result. Great take, G.

Alabama lost to Ohio State because the rest of the SEC is so good?!? Let’s take a moment to flush this one out. So SEC teams aren’t as fresh as other schools for the playoff? I guess we’re immediately forgetting the fact that the SEC was plenty fresh for 8 straight national title games in years prior. The strength of the league wasn’t an issue then.

In fact, you couldn’t wait to tell us just how badass your league is. And let me get this straight, Alabama beats Missouri by 4 touchdowns in the SEC championship and then wasn’t fresh for Ohio State a month later? That’s more than enough time to allow a team from a conference with the alleged greatest athletes to rest and recover.

And even if that weren’t enough time… and it is… those four extra bye weeks during the season must help. You know, the non-conference schedule. Especially those games late in the year. Take the November 21st slate of games, for example. Only 4 conference games that Saturday, and the rest are against Charleston Southern, Georgia Southern, Idaho, Florida Atlantic, Charlotte, and The Citadel.

Stop with the excuses. Nick Saban saying Bama lost because their players got their NFL draft grades can’t believe how lame your excuse is, Gus.

In fact, it seems like Malzahn is taking classes from the Sabes School of Coaching. Where the main lesson is… if you can’t win, whine. So expect Malzahn to graduate with honors.

The SEC can’t wait to tell you how tough they are when they win, and how tough they have it when they lose. You guys got steamrolled by a bigger, badder, tougher team. Own it.

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