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The Sanchize Is An NFL Starter

Philly just crushed Carolina by 24 points, but the Panthers weren’t even the biggest losers in the building. Nicolas Edward Foles was.

Carolina lost the game. Foles may have lost his gig. Because the guy who was supposed to be the franchise is getting exposed by the Sanchize.

Mark Sanchez went 300-plus with no picks in his first start for Philly. This dude made it look real easy.

If Quarterback is the toughest job in sports, the cushiest spot in the league is Chip Kelly’s QB. It’s a penthouse office with a wet bar, and 8 weeks of vacation. Rip Sanchez away from Rex Ryan and hand him to a mad scientist… Dude goes from Butt Fumbler to Baller.

I’m not saying you can pull any scrub off Broad Street, just plug him in that system and he’ll dominate… but I am saying that Philly Ferrari is more about what’s under the hood than who is behind the wheel. And that Nick Foles maaaaybe isn’t going to 10 Pro Bowls after all. And that Mark Sanchez isn’t some bum who got broken by the Jets. Philly looked faster with the Sanch… They rallied behind the Sanch. He answered all the questions.

And now, I’ve got a question of my own: How in the hell does any team ever get rid of Darren Sproles.

It’s good to see Sanchez back. And it says here he’s starter an NFL starter. And especially if he has Sproles behind him and Chipper’s system… He’s just got Dallas between him and owning the division.

T-minus 16 days til Jerry World on Turkey day.

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