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The Real Tragedy

Oscar Taveras’ blood alcohol level was reportedly five times the legal limit in the Dominican Republic when he crashed last month, killing himself and his 18 year old girlfriend.

When it happened, all of baseball mourned the loss of a young star, who was taken from us way too soon.

Fact is, this story is still tragic but not for the reasons we originally thought.

This wasn’t a case of him losing control of his car on a lone highway. Or of a drunk driver crossing over a double line and slamming into him. Taveras was the drunk driver: five times the legal limit drunk: and he got behind the wheel of his own car, costing both he and his girlfriend their lives. And we’re lucky he didn’t take anyone else with him.

The real tragedy here… was this was all so easily avoidable: you want to have a few drinks, fine. Have a friend drive you around. Call a limo. Or a cab. Just don’t get behind the wheel of your car. Oscar Taveras did. And that cost him his life. And that of his girlfriend. The real tragedy here isn’t that baseball lost a budding star too soon. It’s that two young people lost their lives just as they were beginning them. And it all could have been so easily prevented.

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