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The Quiz Monster

Pop Quizzes are dirty pool. And we all had one teacher who used them back in school. One second you’re settling into your desk, the next, you’re ambushed with a quiz on Animal Farm and you didn’t read one page.

The teacher was always old, mean, grumpy, frumpy and tenured. Just like Bill Belichick. And I’m sure it will shock you to hear that the Hoodie blitzkriegs his own players with pop quizzes in the facility.

Pats Corner Kyle Arrington calls it “bone-chilling,” former Pat Heath Evans remembers he hated to walk past coach during game week, and Julian Edelman says he used to deal with anxiety just cruising the hallways. OF COURSE. Because Bill’s gonna jump out of a broom closet – Surprise sucker! Name the entire colts secondary in alphabetical order or I’m cutting you. UH… Mike Adams… Sergio Brown…..uhhhh…wait a second… I don’t have a second! And you don’t have a job! You’re fired. Straight fire.

Guarantee there’s not a Patriot over the last 15 years who hasn’t peeked around the corner to look for the Quiz Monster. Because who can rattle off the Bengals punt return team or every single adjustment to the Steelers blitz package off the top if there head.

Imagine if your boss stormed into your office during lunch break and ordered you to start rattling off sales figures from last quarter. You’d hide under the desk. Or quit. And if Hoodie was a teacher- he’d also be the jerk who reads notes aloud and calls on dopes who aren’t even raising their hand.

Pop Quiz for The Hoodman: Name the coach who’ll look like a chump if he loses this weekend: uhhh.. Bill Belichick? CORRECT. He’s a great coach but pop quizzes are for bad guys.

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