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The Playoff Begins Saturday

We need to talk about this weekend of college football. We’ve got a ridiculous SEVEN matchups of ranked teams. Three battles between Top 10 teams. And a week after we watched Ohio State and Penn State both eliminate themselves from the College Football Playoff race, this weekend could be a straight-up Hunger Games.

So don’t tell me about expanding the playoff to 8 teams. We’ve already got one. And it starts tomorrow. And if you’re huddled around the Keurig spitting lava because you think Wisconsin is getting disrespected by the committee save it. If you’re hammering Twitter and sweating an undefeated Power 5 conference champion getting left out after winning its conference championship, know that Alvy doesn’t need to wait for you to pass 140 characters to break out his new weapon.

Because Saturday is more than just a Saturday. It’s a reckoning. And by Sunday we’re going to be counting corpses, looking at shattered playoff dreams and a whole lot of carnage. So it is time to get HYPED. It is time to TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF.

No. 3 Notre Dame going to No. 7 Miami — the most important game for The U in almost two decades and another huge test for the Irish. No. 5 Oklahoma hosts No. 6 TCU, a game that could lock up the Heisman for Baker Mayfield, and a game where only one Big 12 team is walking away alive. No. 1 Georgia is going to the Plains to take on No. 10 Auburn, another tough matchup for Kirby Smart’s absolutely filthy Dawg defense. And don’t sleep on StarkVegas. Alabama’s beat up and going under the lights with Dan Mullen’s crew waiting to jump them.

Hell, even the undercard can make some noise. Wisconsin finally gets to try-on a ranked team for size, a visit from Iowa a week after the Hawkeyes put Urbie’s cardiologist on the clock. And Mark Dantonio’s Spartans — nobody’s said a word about these guys and they’re quietly sitting on top of the Big Ten East a year after bottoming out with 3 wins — Sparty’s heading to Columbus, going into the Shoe looking to put the Buckeyes on their back again.

This is your 8 team playoff. Hell, this is your 16 team playoff.

The chaos is coming. This is the absolute best time of year to be a college football fan. And while the four-team bracket isn’t in ink until after the first weekend of December, don’t fool yourself. The Playoff Begins Saturday.

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