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The Patriot Way

Welcome to Deflate Gate – Day 3, where we’ve learned that Hood Belichick got to his 6th Super Bowl by way of 11 floppy footballs. There was no “rogue” pigskin that sprung a leak against Indy.

The NFL has discovered that 11 of the 12 gameballs were deflated 2 pounds per square inch below the minimum. Belichick must be furious. Furious that there was a blown assignment and the job didn’t get done with all 12. Somebody’s fired. Meanwhile the league is quote “disappointed” “angry” and “distraught.”

And I’ll add “delusional” and “hilarious” for the Shield for thinking they can wrap this up and tie it off in just a few days. 8 years later and no one has forgotten about Spygate yet! Disappointed and distraught? Sure. Just don’t tell me you’re surprised. This is who these guys are and what they do. The Patriot Way? Winning in any way possible. Including torching the rulebook and cutting corners to get over.

The Pats have more “gates” than Logan Airport. Hoodie drives in the carpool lane without a passenger. He checks out in the express lane with 30 items. He asks for a “water cup” and fills it with Sprite. And the Patriots win by snapping rules over their knees. And it’s been like that for years. They step over the line, insist it doesn’t help them, and agree to cooperate with any league investigation. Than they do it again.

Just know this: the league can try and put this to bed in the next day or two. But it’s not going away. Not ever. And if they beat Seattle a week from Sunday, it’s only going to get bigger.

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