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The Onion’s At It Again, Right!

Never too early to start thinking about your Pro Bowl ballots right? Geno Smith already is. The guy who can barely start for a 2-11 team thinks he has shown the game to be on a Pro Bowl team. “I’ve shown flashes of being a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback, but what we’re looking for here is consistency.”

That’s hilarious. The Onion’s at it again, right! Nah, that comes via Newsday.

G- you’ve looked like a Pro Bowl quarterback like Rex Ryan has been Coach of the Year. Flashes of the Pro Bowl? Yeah with steady streams of Arena Ball. I would love to know what these “flashes” are that would get Geno voted in over dudes like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. In fact, show me anything that would make me believe he’s even in the same area code as Kyle Orton or Brian Hoyer.

The Pro Bowl rosters are a joke. They usually get filled up by 5th and 6th alternates when the superstars pass. Blake Bortles will probably start for the AFC this year. But Geno Smith “flashes” aren’t getting him there unless he rocks a Tommy Bahama shirt, sips a Mai Tai and sits in the stands Geno… Microwaving a frozen burrito doesn’t mean you’ve shown flashes of Bobby Flay. Stomping out a cigarette butt doesn’t show flashes of being a fireman.

You’re not going to Honolulu. BUT I’ll give you this.. A lot of other guys are because of you. You’ve put more dudes on that flight than the Roaming Gnome. I have about as much of a chance as playing in that game as you do, G.

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