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The Final Monday Night Numbers: Nearly One thousand yards. Eighty Points. 20 degrees. And 1 NFL MVP. Because the Packers lose that game if they have any other quarterback in the league.

Just beating Atlanta at home doesn’t impress anybody. But completely carrying your team when your Defense decides to shut it down at halftime says you’re more valuable than EVERYBODY. While half this team was falling on its face… Rodgers was ending the MVP debate.

Look, J.J. Watt is an absolute freak. He’s the better player in the game. I love JJ Watt. The only dudes who don’t are the quarterbacks he’s crushing. But Bill O’Brien can’t just go to him on the sideline and say – Save us, J! Go win us this game. Mike McCarthy, though, could do it every week with Rodgers if he wanted to. And last night the Packer D was begging him to.

I don’t know if they just bored. Or if they started Julio Jones in fantasy. Or if Rodgers has just spoiled them. But they went AWOL in the second half. Make a play? Grab a pick? For who? For what? 12 will just bail us out with a bomb to Jordy anyway. And they’re right.

Death, Taxes, and the farmboy busting a big one. Clay, Pepp and the fellas owe Rodgers one. Matt Flynn should have finished that game. He should have finished the third quarter. But Green Bay’s the only team in the NFC who can play that Bad on D, and still get bailed out by the MVP. Shhhhhhhh.

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