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The NFC South Is A Beast

What have I been saying for months? The NFC South isn’t the worst division in football. It’s the best. It’s definitely the funniest.

Three teams fighting for the right to get hammered in their own house in the playoffs next month is hilarious. And the best part is- none of them are in on the joke. I know the Falcons and Saints aren’t. Because they’re acting like they’re both 12-2 and their little slap fight on Sunday is the NFC title game.

Saints corner Keenan Lewis threw a drink in the Falcons face when he said this game is going to be their funeral. Yeah, well, at at least one Falcon is still alive and kicking. And it’s a guy who isn’t even playing. Sean Weatherspoon is on injured reserve, but he’s also on Twitter sending The Saints to the cemetery. Check out this scalding hot fire. “The Aints are way too sorry to have our names in their mouth! Our team will be bringing a boom to the bayou!!” Aint” Smack from the Spoon??? SHUT IT DOWN, LET’S GO HOME!!! Actually- don’t… He’s bringing the heat with another tweet. And the forecast calls for FLAMES. “That last tweet was for you Aints fans that act like they have just kicked our ass since 2010!!” Third degree burn!

I’d hit that with a Retweet, but my fingers are on fire from the Spoon spitting Lava. You think you’re getting that from the AFC West? The AFC East? The NFC South is a beast. Best division in football.

And Sean Weatherspoon snapping the Aints’ back, is the nastiest smack from the ATL since Ray Buchanan went out Shannon Sharpe with equine smack.

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