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The Hoodie’s Swiss Army

I said it right here last week. Bill Belichick’s offense is designed by Swiss Army. He’s got 20 different tools he can use to hurt you, and against Indy he slid out the sledge. The second LeGarrette Blount walked off the field in Pittsburgh, The Hood knew he was going to truck into the end zone for New England.

Not a single head coach claimed that horse on waivers, Belichick’s riding him to his 6th Super Bowl.

I’ve said many times that the worst thing an athlete can do is quit. Except for The Blount. Quitting the Steelers was the best thing he ever did. Guy peaced on his teammates because he wasn’t getting enough carries, two months later he’s getting 30 touches in the title game. For children- it’s a terrible lesson. For tacklers- he’s a baaaaad man.

And you know the Hoodie’s elbow deep in his bag of gags, if The Blount was only the second biggest skill player for New England last night. In fact, Tommy found a deep threat that had that workhorse beat by 8 inches and 70 pounds.

He’s a bleeping SOLDER! The Hood knifes the Ravens with a converted QB throwing a TD pass. Now he stabs the Colts with a converted tight end catching one. I’d say that for the Super Bowl he’ll find a Guard who was a high school tailback and give him 10 carries… but those things are going to big bad LeGarrette.

I’ll call my shot two weeks out: The Super Bowl’s not Tommy v. Russ. It’s Beast Mode vs. Blount Mode.

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