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The Grudes’ Hatred Of The Griff

Think of the thing you hate most, I guarantee Jay Gruden hates Bob Griffin even more. Stepping on Gum? Nope. Commercials on YouTube? Not even close. Mandatory Adobe Flash updates? ALMOST. But I still think The Grudes’ hatred of The Griff has got you beat.

Because we hear it every single week. We’ve seen him set up shop at a presser and systemically dismantle Bobby as a passer. He’s done everything but roll game tape for the media and carv his quarterback with a laser pointer. And that’s the thing… Griffin is not HIS quarterback. He wants nothing to do with him.

Asked about the suggestion from gasbags that RG3 would succeed in a different offense, Gruden scoffed “I don’t know what offense they are talking about…We run the zone read to try and help him out. We run a lot more play-actions and bootlegs than most teams… If you play quarterback in the National Football League, you’re going to have to drop back and throw it.”

Jay’s like- SORRY! We ask our QB to throw a pass occasionally! I guess that’s too much to ask. The only offense Robert’s right for – is the one that doesn’t HAVE a quarterback. Print that! And you can sense the disdain he has for that little zone-read crutch he has to give Bobby to “help him out.” Not because Coach actually wants to run that college football BS… but because he thinks it’s one of the only things his QB has a shot of running successfully.

This whole thing feels like a big, rich divorce where the couple is still under the same roof. Living in opposite wings of the mansion, binge drinking while they wait to sign papers. Can this couple reconcile for the future? I’m not even sure they can get to this Sunday.

Guys- just keep it away from the kids and get on the phone with your lawyers. Three more losses and it will all be over.

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