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The Future Of The Lakers

Not to fear Laker fan: Swaggy P has a plan. This dude is already the MVP of Team Car Flag AND Team Content. The future is now for Nick Young.

You die hards are looking towards the end of the season and the draft to get better? Swaggy’s doing it right in the middle of games. Check this dude doing work. “I told Goran Dragic on the court ‘You might be my teammate next year.’ I’ll talk to Marc Gasol. Me and him are cool. Kevin Love, I’ll talk to him.”

Of course he’s cool with Gasol. Who isn’t he cool with? Mitch Kupchak can break his back trying to rebuild this mess… but he can’t lace em up, run the floor and recruit dudes. Swag’s not gonna sit around, chuck bricks and pray that draft picks in the Top 5. He’s constructing a whole new STARTING 5.

Who else you cool with Nick- Kawhi Leonard? LaMarcus Aldridge? BRON BRON? You might try to argue that there are certain dudes who won’t want to play with Kobe… but find me ONE who doesn’t want to play with Swaggy. After all – he DID have three assists the other night. Season high baby. Swaggy P or Pistol Pete. “That’s a triple double for me.”

My man you’re practically John Stockton. And he should be the assistant GM. Huge personality, famous girlfriend, money from down town…. and now he’s dropping dimes. Forget getting free agents in a room with the Busses. Get them in a club with Mr. Young.

The future of the Lakers isn’t that top 5 pick.. .it’s Swaggy Nick.

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