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The East Is The Beast

You may find this hard to believe, but I have an east coast bias. Because I am digging the east region. It’s bizarro bracket and I love it.

Why do the masses love the madness? For a bunch of 1s and 2s just rolling through? Hell no. The only chalk we’re seeing in the east are the outlines around the bodies of the top seeds. Just ask Villanova, they got smacked by NC State on Saturday, so the real winners from the 1-seed getting slayed were UVA right? They’re the 2. They just fast-passed. See you at the Final Four? Ehhhh. No, show yourself the door. Because Michigan State kicked the 2 seed to the curb on Sunday.

Every bracket doofus who rode Virginia went from buying everybody beers on Saturday night to wanting to eat a bullet on Sunday afternoon. Second big dog to go down in 24 hours.

First time the 1 and the 2 didn’t make the Sweet 16 in eleven years. First time the Big East and ACC champs both failed to do it since the field expanded in the eighties.

And these are my favorite numbers in the tourney: 3, 4, 7, 8. Those are your upper New York power seeds, right now. Your East Region Mount Rushmore.

You know why somebody like Warren Buffet was comfortable offering you bracketeers a billion dollars? Because not one of you had the highest seed after one weekend being the Sooners. These other regions can spit out the 1s all they want… I’ll be partying if this one feeds the Elite 8 with a 7 and an 8. Jump on the East bandwagon. It’s not like you were going to win your bracket anyway. The east is the beast.

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