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The Day Tom Brady Lied

We’ve arrived at Deflate Gate Day 5: The Day that Tom Brady lied. You know what they always say about Tommy: men want to be him… women want to be with him, and nobody believes him.

And in this case, how could you? Because he sold the same old lines as his head coach. I don’t know nothin’. I ain’t seen nothin’. We’re onto Seattle.

Belichick, in this case, at least has some plausible deniability. Brady doesn’t. And he did more dodging and juking during those 30 minutes at the podium than he has for the last 15 years in the pocket. And none of it passed the smell test of a guy who’s been wrongly accused. No shouting. No finger wagging. No – You know who the hell I am-ing. A living legend was asked straight to his face if he’s a cheater- and he barely eeks out “I don’t believe so.”

Well it’s hard to believe your story, Tommy. In fact, I don’t.

Brady is the guy who says he likes to have his footballs at exactly 12.5 pounds of pressure per square inch. And that once he tests them, he doesn’t want ANYBODY to touch them. And he’s the one that got the league to change the rule and to allow QB’s to use their own set of gameballs on Sunday. And you’re going to tell me that if 11 of his 12 footballs lost two pounds of pressure, he wouldn’t know it? And that he has no idea how it happened. I’m calling bull on that. All of it.

He knew they were deflated. And he knew who did it. And I don’t want to hear about some rogue equipment manager or ball boy who acted on his own. There’s no way someone that low on the payscale would mess with Brady’s footballs before or during one of the biggest games of his career. No chance! I don’t believe Brady and neither does anyone else with half a brain.

Now it’s just a matter of the NFL proving that it happened. Something that would be much easier to do if the league ever actually gets around to talking to Brady about it. We knew Belichick cheated. Now we know Brady cheats. He better just hope the NFL can’t prove it and doesn’t rip him out of the Super Bowl altogether.

Best he can hope for, is his fourth title and the world not hitting him with an asterisk before he even hits the podium.

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