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The Clip Show Is On Fire

Look out. The Clip Show has won 8 in a row. And now it’s just getting ridiculous. As the Suns and their fans can contest. Phoenix just battled the Clippers for 53 minutes and lost on a shot that hit the rim about 5 times.

The home team was up 2… The ball was in Blake Griffin’s hands, 25 feet from the hoop as the clock was about to hit triple zeroes. Game over right? Unless he elevates and dunks it all the way from down town… What’s Griff gonna do? THIS.

Quoting Buzzer Beatin’ Blake “When I shot it, I thought it was off, short and flat.”

Hey Blake – IT WAS. It was all 3. And then it was 3 points. That shot nearly dented the front iron, but somehow ended up in the bottom of the net. And that’s how you know The Clip Show is on fire. Dudes are doing things outside of their skillset.

I know Griffin’s mid-range game has really developed, but if he’s bouncing in heart-ripping treys it makes me wonder what’s next… DeAndre Jordan buries a catch and shoot in the corner? Chris Paul rips the rack down with two-handed thunder? Steve Ballmer stays in his seat for more than 15 seconds? The only guy more fired up than Griffin for the ugliest game winner ever was the guy who scratches his checks.

Hey Balm.. Can you put a percentage on that? And good luck to Indiana trying to take out this team tomorrow night. The second the Pacers think they have that game in the bag, they’ll lose on a half-courter from Big Baby. BOOOM!!!!

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